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I think a filet is an ideal canvas for a sauce because it has a pretty mild flavor just in itself. When I cook tenderloin I usually serve it with two sauces, a brandy peppercorn pan sauce (hot) and a mustard horseradish cream sauce (cold). I would pick Gorgonzola any time, but my husband doesn't do cheese.


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po boys are similar. The bread has a similar texture but a slightly different flavor. The toppings are usually quite different. Popular fillings for po' boys include fried oysters, shrimp, ham, beef, or boudin. They often use Creole mustard, hot sauce, sometimes Louisiana remoulade.

While there is a big Vietnamese presence in New Orleans, the po' boy didn't stem from the bahn mi. I would bet that the common French influence on both regions had something to do with their evolution, though.


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I like making my own cranberry sauce and it's very easy, but there is something compelling about the canned stuff, too. It is made out of cranberries, too, it just has a completely different texture.

I also can my own cranberry relish every November/December, and that canned version is good, too!


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You have to dock it, and it helps to par-bake it, but I love the results. The cheese makes a barrier so the tomatoes don't make the pastry soggy. I've also used a layer of creme fraiche as a barrier.


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No, I form them and then do an overnight proof.

I'm not trying to tell you how to do your stuff, I know a lot of people online are way critical about food, but if you want to know, here's an example of one time I made both the bagels and my own cream cheese. I wouldn't recommend making your own cream cheese, it's not worth it, but the bagel recipe hasn't failed me.