ThePinkTeenager t1_jdatcl2 wrote

I looked at the map. "We're almost there." I said. "Just need to get into the village."

"There's an entrance, right?" said Jack.


After about an hour of searching, we found it- an ancient stone gate nestled between two mountains. It was closed, but not locked.

"You have the Lady, right?" I asked.



I opened the gate and followed a dirt road to the cluster of houses. On the way, we passed a villager. "Who are you?" she asked.

"Charlie and Jack." I said.

The woman looked skeptical. Clearly, this place didn't get many visitors. "What's your business?"

Jack pulled the Lady out of his backpack. "This figurine came with a map that led here."

The woman looked at the Lady in awe. "It can't be..."

Soon, the entire village was crowded around us, talking over one another. After some time, I shouted "WHO'S IN CHARGE?"

Everyone went quiet. An old man said, "I am. My name is Chief Rafael."

"Well, Chief, have you seen this before?" I pointed to the Lady.

He nodded. "It is Goddess Bettina- guardian spirit of our village. But why do you have it?"

"It was in my basement." I said.

Rafael looked at me analytically. "Who are your grandparents?"

I told him, then asked why.

"Many years ago, we had too many children. Some of them left the village for homes elsewhere. One was named Eleanora."

"My grandmother?" I asked.

"I believe so."

"She died 20 years ago. I never knew..."

"This means you are one of us. Welcome."