TheSavageDonut t1_irbs520 wrote

>Sure, it would be nice if was just used to stop mass shooters.

It's meant to do just that.

>But one could just as easily decide you're not of "good moral character" because you are a Mets fan and not a Yankees fan, you're a Democrat instead of Republican, you disagree with a mayor's policy, you talk about smoking weed, you claim you once had an abortion, you prefer chocolate to vanilla, whatever that person finds immoral. Subjective criteria to exercise a right is never a good idea.

This is just fear disguised as innocent concern.

We already have the Patriot Act to "catch" the actual serious stuff and not Mets fans.


TheSavageDonut t1_irbmqno wrote

As we've seen repeatedly recently, a mass murderer posts hatred online, posts plans to shoot some place up online, purchases guns, and follows through on said online postings.

How does a society stop such a mass murderer? Our current laws do nothing, and apparently any attempt to remedy this situation gets tossed out by a conservative judge.

How does reasonable gun legislation ever get passed in this country?

It wasn't like New York was demanding to seize and melt down firearms.

Trump even said at one point "we've got to get the guns" when asked how to stop mass murder events in the U.S.