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Leaves/grass/weeds etc. I usually just bag. There are certain times of the year (fall I believe) where you can put up to like 10 bags at a time during trash days.

The city does an amazing job with branches/larger limbs at least in my experience. If you place larger limbs/branches into neat piles (no longer than say like 5 feet) at your curb, they bring a large truck with a claw grabber every recycling week and take everything. I feel like I push it too far sometimes at the amount I put out there lol but they always take it.

I just took down a massive tree in my yard and kept most of the trunk for firewood, but I had about 6 massive piles of limbs/branches covering my entire curb and they took every last bit of it


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Just took the dog for a walk, multiple compliments from the other walkers on his manners which always feels nice!

…then proceeds to bring muddy stick into the house while I was checking the mail from yesterday


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I live in Stratford Hills and also frequent the 7/11 on that corner plenty of times throughout the week.

Im not saying I’m desperate for a sheetz to go in. I’m just wondering why it’s such a big deal.

The stretch of Forest Hill between that intersection and Chippenham has a lot of empty buildings so I don’t get why it’s a big deal that something is getting built there.