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You certainly aren't wrong, but it's worth remembering that what those regions could sustain in terms of population is orders of magnitude fewer people than the populations which exist today. What happens when billions of people fight over resources that can sustain only a tenth of that number?

All of those net importers of food suddenly without food to import, power plants and water treatment plants which can only be maintained with Western parts and/or aid. It would be an absolute horror and it would be quick relatively speaking, a few years at most.


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Not all CNS depressants are born equal.

Something like morphine (or any μ-agonist), which strongly depresses the breathing reflex, has a much more narrow therapeutic index than for example, alcohol. Benzodiazepines don't depress respiratory function on their own, but when mixed with alcohol or opiates they have a synergistic effect that can be lethal.

Edit: More than one reply pointed out that this was less than layperson accessible, I hope the following helps somewhat.

μ-agonist: A type of receptor found in the brain and the GI tract among other places. Agonist just means something that binds to those receptors and makes them work. Opioids are a well known example of these substances.

Therapeutic Index: How much of a drug it takes to have the desired effect, compared to how much of the drug causes toxicity. Some medications have a very broad therapeutic index, many antibiotic types are the classic example of this.

Depressed Respiratory Function: In this case it's all about the signals your brain sends to keep you breathing. Opioids are famous for depressing that part of your brain, sometimes with lethal consequences. Benzodiazepines are not really known for this, although technically they do have some effect.


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Screw acknowledgement, stopping protecting pedophiles. Stop shuffling them around. Stop insisting that they be dealt with internally and START reporting them to law enforcement.

Show, don't tell, you evil bastards.