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That would be fine and dandy if he was some random member of Scientology but he's literally the public face of the cult. And by remaining the public face of Scientology he approves of these things it's as simple as that. Tom Cruise is a human being who 100% thinks it's morally acceptable to kill the pet of a rape victim to get her to shut up.

That's for the rest of what you said honestly? I agree and I do condemn them. But that's a whole other bag of worms. I personally was actually molested by a priest myself. From ages 7 to 9. And I personally find every single fucking Catholic on this planet to be a disgusting human being who approves of me being molested. Every last one of them.


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He is the public face of a religion that kills the pets of rape victims to try to get them to drop charges against other scientologists. He is the public face of a religion that right now right this second is operating an illegal prison here in the United States. These are just two things off the top of my head there are many other Crimes by the Church of Scientology.

He may not be directly involved in these things but by remaining the public face of Scientology he is declaring to the world he finds these things morally acceptable. That is who Tom Cruise is. A man who thinks it's perfectly okay to murder the pet of a rape victim.


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Seriously. A lot of stupid people out there make it seem like this is so hard. Wheel make go left and right. Peddles make go and stop. Do these 4 things together and bam you are driving. Only other real tip is when you do get out on the road....since we are discussing stupid people...always keep your eye out. Always drive under the assumption everyone around you is a complete fucking moron who could possibly do the stupidest thing you have ever seen in your life at any second.


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If you are learning in a automatic and ARE in a big empty parking lot...just stay calm man. You can't really fuck it up unless you just slam down the gas and refuse to let up. Just take your time and get the hang of it. Despite how hard some people seem to make it driving a car is way easier then you would think.