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There's only 3 seasons. I really liked it despite its faults. The first main bad's storyline finished at the end of s2 instead of dragging on, the most annoying character in the show got offed at the end of s3, Nick Frost joined the cast and did a lot of big guy Sammo Hung esque Kung Fu and they were gearing up to introduce gun fu it seemed in S4 before it got cancelled.

I'm also really into that ruins of the old world vibe like in Fallout, and Horizon.


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They sell frozen Paratha in most of the Asian grocers. Or go out to West Philly near like 42nd and Walnut/Chestnut, there's a cluster of middle eastern, Pakistan, and Indian grocers that sell a bunch of different varieties of frozen Paratha.

As for the curry, I dunno I never had it, but guess get a Thai Curry, and an Indian curry and just mix them together?


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The Giant near the 22nd trolley stop is really good. It's the 'regular' version of the store, not the Heirloom version on 8th. Their chicken breast is almost always $2.49 a pound which is the cheapest I've ever seen it. Sometimes it even goes to pre inflation $1.99 too. They're also really good about rotating stock so you can often get the 50% off meat as long as you freeze or cook it relatively soon.


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Imo it's way more ensemble than House, the other characters have their own fairly fleshed out stories and arcs separate from Shawn's autism that span entire and through multiple episodes. Its very much "pretty doctors with problems" and one of them happens to be autistic. Compared to House where if Hugh's not in a scene, chances are the characters are talking about him or the case he put them on. Same with The Rookie, the hook is that he's an older new cop, but after the first season or 2 it rarely comes up again except as a gag occasionally and the storylines moved past that to be more ensemble

That being said, I haven't seen The Good Doctor in a while. I think I stopped at the end of the season where that blonde super ambitious doctor learned she has some genetic nerve disease that's going to ruin her hands and prevent her from being a surgeon later in life. Not that I think its a bad show, just not must see tv. The Rookie though was getting too ridiculous, it started great as like a more light hearted less gonzo The Shield, but then the main cast started getting way too personally involved in their own cases. Like Jesus how often does Nolan get kidnapped.