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If you weren't already aware, rates are pretty much a combo of your claims history, credit profile, and ZIP code. I have learned the hard way about what happens moving literally just one ZIP code over from another. Hopefully you're able to shop around either on your own or through a broker. Mine went up 18% this past year and I'm almost at the shopping around point myself.


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That would make sense (especially for student places at the beginning of a semester), if and only if it's advertised upfront. Being advertised upfront as introductory or sale price or special is the key point, to me. Obviously all I have to go on is a screen capture of an email reply, but I don't get that vibe from this. As OP states, this is a coordinated strategy, not just one landlord.

Either way, nobody will find me being a landlord apologist in this economy. If they submit a complaint and it's unwarranted, no big deal, live continues. If they submit a complaint and it ends up doing consumers a solid service, excellent work my dude.


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I don't think it needs to be a bait-and-switch to warrant a complaint, it just needs to feel or seem like one to the ordinary consumer. Basically if we as a community don't act against that practice, it will become standard practice that any advertised rate is only valid for a small number of days.

Look at it this way. If they already have a large queue of willing consumers at their current prices, why would they need to advertise one price and act like they're doing a prospect a good favor by granting that advertised price? They already have a queue of willing consumers, right? Close enough to bait and switch.


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If it's happening that often and it's not marked on their web sites as an introductory rate, I would send a bait-and-switch complaint to the PA Attorney General. It's entirely possible this is increasingly common, and once they get a mass of complaints about this happening, they may pressure these landlords. In the short term though, walking away is the right move in my opinion.


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The wings are decidedly mid, I agree. The weiners, on the other hand...

You should get your GayAgenda.pdf through either the liberal media or TikTok. The password is sLaYbEy69420 to decrypt. I think q2 is Make Florida Gay Again but q3 is really ambitious with 50 State Drag Paradeathon. Really a good 2023 ahead.


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I've always suspected this was the answer, or the City would require some kind of site/traffic planning/mitigation that Sheetz wasn't willing to do. They're kind of a traffic magnet, like a Chick-Fil-A or a Starbucks. I saw the C-store-only version of Sheetz (no fuel) in Morgantown and that was a pretty nice affair. They could totally do that any number of places in town. I'm purely guessing though.


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Yeah that's one of the reasons I linked the comments. Stories like that one all in there. It's absolutely disgusting.

I used to work at a clothing retailer that rhymes with Magacrombie and Pitch, and it reminds me of all the stupid personnel decisions that were made 100% for reasons of vanity, classism, and appearances. Sheetz is not the company I would have put in this category if I had not read this article.


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Yeah I saw this in r/Pennsylvania yesterday. What a load of crap. I bet their dental insurance, if it's even offered, covers nothing like mine doesn't. I linked the other post because there were a ton of interesting comments on/about people who were actually let go over this issue.


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Exactly. And it absolutely irritates the shit out of me how weak Waze search is. Usually I end up searching on Google Maps, then copying the address into Waze. The two products really could not be more different. I just think the navigational aspect of Waze is superior, especially when I'm driving with no plotted destination (speed limits, upcoming intersections, traffic, etc.).