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Not for long. That was the economy high on postpandemic low unemployment, people spending as post pandemic therapy, and all those funds from the government aid.

We are heading straight into a recession, inflation is still hammering the middle class, we have global food and supply issues still, threats of war accelerating in Europe, the chicken industry getting brutalized by bird flu, and a generation that actually believes in and actually takes climate change seriously (rather forgo a new car altogether rather than get slammed by a big corpo for a rediculouly priced EV)..while said generation keeps geting slapped in the face by the points made above, while also having to soon have their studen loan payments come due. Also...the banks, big investors see the writing on the wall, which is why so many of these banks are going bust.

Let's face it, the high of capitalism is wearing off. As a collective society, the West has to keep doing more and more desperate things to keep the economy rolling at full consumption until the planet dies mode. Ecosystems are failing on a global scale and food is becoming more and more insecure.

Suicide and crime, and depression, and hate, and desperation are all at all-time highs... this also does not make for a good driver of the economy. Many people who can, are starting to tighten up their belts in preparation for a big social or economic storm. Those not doing so tend to be living in a hopium bubble in the name of protecting their mental health or have an income that creates its own information bubble.

The pool of those who have the means to spend obscene amounts of money on an insultingly priced EV truck will soon get spent.


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In all honesty, i have Master's Degree in Natural Resources and a Master's in Nutrition and Integrative Health. I worked for the US Forest Service for five years and the Bureau of Land Management for 2 before changing my career and became a Nutritionist. Before all that, i served in the US Air Force. In grad school for Nutrition i met many woo woo types that display the exact type of thinking i mentioned. Also met many of those types while i worked for the Forest Service and see them all the time in my private Nutrition practice. Please don't be a jerk and assume you know anyone based off one or 2 reddit posts. Trolling is gross.

So now that i have shared, please...tell me your qualifications for calling me a crank and how awesome you are.


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Exactly, but people who worship the meaningless term " all natural" and prostrate to the god of "organic" definitely don't spend much mental power with critical thinking. They spend more mental energy feeling vibes and talking to crystals.

I buy mostly organic but am not foolish enough to think it's some sort of panacea or that it automatically means something is healthy.


Twisted_Cabbage t1_jdmlk0s wrote has recently found A LOT of arsenic contamination in flaxseeds. Even many organic brands are contaminated. is not a guarantee against heavy metal contamination, especially considering how corrupt US politicans, and regulators are.

This is a growing problem, and my best is that most of our food supply is contaminated by one of either arsenic, lead, mercury, or cadmium. Sometimes, it's low levels and not enough to trigger our laughable US regulations but still high enough to harm your health in the middle to long run...and definitely do damage to fetuses and children.

Dont forget microplastics contamination, foreverchemicas, PCB, etc.

Yeah...our world has become a toxic soup. Those trying to be toxin free are really playing a losing game. As the problem gets more widespread and the costs to fix get more expensive, eventually we will stop trying. Deregulation is sort of already there. Not saying dont try, but just be will lose.