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Help me understand why you’re an asshole but go on other posts asking why people are such assholes? Nah lol. Almost all of your comments have a tone that you think you’re better than everyone, doesn’t take long to see that.


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You enjoy being grumpy huh? Don’t like when people ask for recommendations? If you look through the comments, multiple people comment how Richmond itself doesn’t have many public courses, whereas google doesn’t differentiate between the two. So when I could only find 2 18 hole public courses within 20 miles, I came to Reddit. Grumpy fuck lol


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You know, you’re exactly right I didn’t think of it like that lol. Explains why there are legit like 7 you can play within 15 minutes of downtown Roanoke, near blue hills there’s 3 within 5 minutes lol


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Oh wow that’s way better than I thought, thank y’all for the help. Luckily got on at sycamore creek in goochland, still it feels like there aren’t as many courses as even Roanoke to play at.


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Belmont is just a pat 3 right? I think I’ve scheduled some times and just found out it was only pat 3, Providence I love but it feels like the only true public course in Richmond so they never have available times, today included. The others don’t even come up on google searches so lemme check those lol


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I say this all the time, one of my more recent replies is this- post something close to this and all the apparent comedians come out the woodworks “oh hardy har har how bout you go on down to the… (insert Richmond place) and do (insert random Richmond activity that isn’t funny at all) “ Richmond is full of not funny people, I notice every time on Reddit