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You can commonly get the back loin in the US but it won’t come with the fatty wings unless you go to a specialty whole hog butcher. That looks so much better than lean Canadian bacon.

I know where I’m going tomorrow. They sell the loin as half a spine with the tenderloin and top of the ribs with all the trim intact for less than $2 per lb.

Thank you for inspiring my next project. English bacon, smoked rib chops and fresh tenderloin for dinner.


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My power went out twice but not for very long. Back up generator i put in last year worked perfectly. All of the trees had about a quarter inch of ice on them.

I’m in SW MI. Still a lot out over here. 128,000 homes. Over 500 homes (that is a lot in the country) out within a couple miles of mine with no cause assessed or crews assigned and 2/27 as the estimated restoration date.