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Have you ever scene the show lost? Flashbacks are effective for shows where the characters are in completely different scenarios than they previously were. They provide depth and contrast and a method to show growth and change both in the world and in the character.


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A few things here. First is that it’s a Japanese based show which tend to be a little more dramatic than American shows. But more to it, Americans are far less likely to talk about their emotions. When you have people constantly open up and dramatic, it’s strange.

Also using flashbacks as a tool for characterization isn’t a new thing, especially when a set of characters are transported to a new place. Lost did this very effectively with half the show essentially being flashbacks.

Finally, this show is also different than battle Royale or squid game. The material it’s based off of came out before squid game. But while squid game is a critique on class, Alice in borderland explores themes of humanity and mortality.


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This show really does hit you over the head of the idea of mortality, the meaning of life and your values. There are few shows that deal with mortality while also successfully tying together deep themes. I don’t think squid game was as well rounded.


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I don’t know. People see what people bring in and I would definitely judge someone if they brought something that already looks eaten. I would think “are they just bringing left overs from a night before?”

It’s better just to be the first one to take a slice after you put it out.