Vozegro t1_j9pkysr wrote

Mercedes new car is not autonomous at all. Under certain conditions the driver may remove their hands and feet from controlling the car. It’s called “level 3”, and is basically only able to be used on freeways.

The technology isn’t there and doesn’t work. If it did, we’d have car rolling around that have no one inside of them.

There has been minimal growth in the past half decade.


Vozegro t1_j9pi203 wrote

After $100 billion spent, the technology has hardly improved.

For them to work on a mass scale, the infrastructure in this country needs to be updated to remove inefficiencies and non-standardized vehicle pathways.

Pittsburgh is a prime example of this, we have so many fucked up intersections.

The government has no incentive to fix these, because they’re not a problem for human drivers.

By the time the government would ever spend time and effort, humanity will have probably killed itself off.

We’re never going to get a fully autonomous vehicle society.