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Average annual temperatures can change just slightly and have drastic consequences. The 2 degrees you mention are what we're trying to drastically avoid for global climate change (though we won't). It's also believed that a volcanic eruption in the mid 6th century CE lowered global temperatures by 2 degrees for several years, leading to the collapse of several civilisations around the world, and a really bad time in most others. Those 2 degrees are also the difference between London and Bordeaux. So yeah, while a single day being 2 degrees warmer or colder might not feel that different, changing average temperatures by 2 degrees is a massive difference.


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The problem isn’t immigration. The problem is treating these people like a problem and dumping them into unsuspecting laps. All three instances I listed above the towns involved had little to no warning. How is that fair to anyone involved in this? Except for the entity doing the shoving that now has the luxury of saying “not my problem anymore”


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If there’s a court date, shipping them thousands of miles away becomes even more problematic. Are they on the hook for getting back to the border to appear in court? Do you have any idea how expensive travel is these days?

And I don’t know how to explain this to you, but just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. After all, if this is being done by a government entity, it’s definitely legal and definitely wrong.