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I worked downtown in the 90s and it was **exponentially worse** at the time. Homeless/mentally ill people taking a dump on the streets every day. Third and Fourth between Smithfield and Wood were so desolate back then, people would sleep on the street. Ppl would fall asleep and shit/piss themselves in the store I worked at on Smithfield every day.

Not to minimize at all that between the pandemic & lack of shelter/mental health services there's been a spike in people on the streets from who was there maybe 5-10 years ago. But downtown has never been a pristine experience. It may look prettier these days, filled with shiny places covered in white subway tile, but it's always been the messy, beating heart of the city.


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Yeah, you're unlikely to find a lot of places with attached parking anywhere. This is a national/global trend that parking spaces are not 1 for 1 with most new build apartment units. Especially in big cities, where mass transit options are plentiful. And also in Pittsburgh, where the areas in/around the Golden Triangle are limited in space.