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I love that the Star Wars shows are basically being directed by totally unexpected people. They got Peter ramsey (Into he Spider-verse), Lee Isaac Chung (Minari), and Rachel Morrison (the DP on Black Panther) for Mando season 3. An absolutely awesome assortment of people


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Mandalore stuff is great. Grogu stuff is whatever- honestly wish they had the balls to keep him with jedi training as it doesn't add much to the story anymore. I do enjoy seeing the new republic being incompetent with bureaucracy as well. They've set up quite a bit of runway for the rise of the first order.


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still pissed that the one movie that we get Jackie Chan to fight Jet li in a Hollywood film and it's in a movie about a fucking white kid who has a dream about becoming a kung fu master and hooking up with a hot asian chick.


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Bad Batch is basically just a side continuation of Clone Wars. I'm mostly OK with that cause Clone Wars is fun to watch and the lore is really great (when it focuses on that). Echo is basically gonna be Daredevil Season 3.5 to facilitate "New" Daredevil into the MCU web.

That said, if we get more Andor type projects, I'm all for it- no one asked for that and it's arguably the best thing Disney+ has produced


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They were pretty far ahead of their time with peer to peer payments, especially in the US. Made it also a lot easier for people to exchange cash for goods in the eBay type e-commerce space. Not a lot of companies had those abilities. Hell the fucking banks in the US didn't want to start direct ach payments until Zelle became a thing. They've since expanded their services to a couple different arms in tech.


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It's actually a really fantastic cheese to use for cheese sauces in a pinch because American cheese is made with sodium citrate, which emulsifies the cheeses together, so its perfect for something like macaroni and cheese or a mornay sauce. Granted a restaurant of their caliber might straight up have sodium citrate.


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there's a subtle fishy taste given it's fish, but it's eaten primarily for texture. A good imitation is literal gelatin strips. So if you've eaten just some plain gelatin before, that's basically it (that's why they're used as imitation sharks fin). I'd say the key difference is that sharks fin does have a slightly softer overall texture (so not as ridged as gelatin), but also has crunchier pieces like cartilage (because that's pretty much what it is).

It's just a status symbol at this point because it's expensive to get. Similar to Bird's nest where the stuff is rare and hard to get, but mostly doesn't taste of anything unique.