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The shadow shuttle plan of homes in penn hills is one of the nicest and most secluded sections of penn hills.

Particularly along westward ho drive and dixie drive.

Further along you have have gramac lane which is a private drive and those people will absolutely 100% kick you out unless you have business there. Mansions and estates , etc.

I definitely feel like I'm not even in penn hills whenever I'm back there.


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If you go to the midwest particularly states like Indiana, or Illinois it is even more pronounced there. PA is not unique in that regards.

I've driven on interstate 70 and 74 countless times and I'll be driving for miles seeing fields of corn and soybeans and them BAM I'm in Indianapolis.


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Same with me and keystone. They told me that I owed taxes from a municipality that I didn't live in. It was a neighboring municipality but we shared zip code.

Show them the previous transcript saying the paperwork is clear from earlier in the year and other times. Keep all records. Keep insisting it's the wrong town, place, etc. Document and produce evidence. Its gonna get old and tiring but it's really all you can do unless you get a lawyer which that's a whole other thing.

Technically under PA law there is no limit on how far back someone like keystone can go back to uncover and demand taxes. (link)


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I'm sorry you feel that way, Unfortunately I believe that is simply not true. The entire collection is available for free and can be seen here. (Link) No paywall at all.

In addition, several family members have messaged me and commented on prior posts stating that they enjoy the uploads. The reason I upload these photos along with others about Pittsburgh History, is the large volume of photographs. There are close to 100,000 individual pieces in the archives available for people to see. I have fun posting the pictures as they are our history.