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Not really for a 11 year old car... mind you this is me not even doing the work either. Its still less than a modern car payment though. This is also on average... 1 year it might only be 500 bucks for a alternator, most recently I had both fuel and vent lines replaced due to rust (yay northeast driving).

Honestly the only work I expect to do in the next 12 months is a replacement of my timing chain and water pump as a preventative measure.


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I just CANT justify it... I have not had to make a car payment in years now, and in ongoing maintenance I am only paying 2-3 grand a year keeping my 11 year old car in working order. I also only spend about 50-70 dollars a month on gas total.

Unless you can get me a EV for less than 330 a month to buy, there is just NO WAY I could justify it financially.


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Yep and with EVs thats a lot of whats going on. Ford and Chevy have both basically mandated the dealers are not allowed to mark them up and to report the dealers if they do. Chevy has gone as far as to threaten legal action and the dealer losing their ability to sell GM products all together if they do so.


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Its going to be a no.

With lawsuits like this, even when the judges go out of their way to spell out what the plaintiffs needs to provide to find cause, its almost always proof there was no cause to begin with... or the cause is so obscure as to be open to interpretation.

The Judge is even pretty much hinting this, by saying why would they make x games exclusives, when it results in even less profit for them, not more... provide examples of this being the case.

NOW the argument could be made look at Halo, but even there it was exclusive to a MUCH smaller segment of gaming (Apple Mac) and Microsoft buying Bungie resulted in them getting a MUCH larger market at the cost of that smaller one.


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Because the idea NYC residents hate everyone is media created, and has no correlation to reality.

Do NYC residents curse a lot, and get annoyed by vacationers just standing in the middle of the sidewalks being oblivious to everything around them? Absolutely and they will tell you that. But they also have repeatedly shown in studies to be far more helpful to people than any other city in the US and even in many cities across the world.

Its just like the garbage that NYC is dangerous, which has not been true since the 70-80's when most cities were dangerous due to white flight and a host of other reasons... Its all media portrayed because it makes for fun jokes and stuff... but its not reality to anyone who has actually been there and spent any time there.

I WISHED "southern hospitality" was like NYC hospitality. Since moving to Texas, people are flat out rude as fuck here... and its not the Californians and other transplants... its the natives. Ill never forget the looks I got when I went out of my way to jump a guy stuck at a HEB without any prompting... they seriously though I was after something and I had to tell them no dude, thats just how I was raised.

I have never had to worry about asking for directions or help with my car or something in NYC or NJ... while I would never expect people to go above and beyond, everyone is genuinely helpful and nice as long as you are not going out of your way to ruin their days. Ironically I was even warned by former Texans who I worked with that Southern Hospitality is all bullshit too.


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Welcome to the modern age.... literally everyone is putting out the same phone with a little better specs...

The most innovative thing in recent years was the horrible not ready for prime time folding phone that has all but officially bombed and have struggled to gain any traction at all despite Samsungs massive amounts of throwing cash at the media to sell them.


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Except when we go reinterpreting the constitution to be what is constitution despite very clear caselaw that says the constitutional is clear on what is allowed like what happened with the First Amendment and prayer in school.


We can go all day about this man... the constitution is clearly being reinterpreted by "originalists" who are anything but. Its a tale as old as time and something that even in the early 19 century was rejected as "originalism" goes against the clear intent of the constitution.


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Seriously wondering how many of these reports are seeded by Samsung and others... because this isnt a iphone thing... but a industry thing... yet you NEVER see mention of the other companies who use literally the same companies to produce their phones and computers.


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Have used Intune, JAMF, Apples own MDM server, and MUNKI... if they "dont work" you are 100000% doing it wrong, which over the last 25 years of IT work with a good 16 years of that being endpoint management with a particular focus on MacOS to AD integration and management... without a doubt it is almost always people who dont know the tools and not the tools not working.

Which is hilarious given how much Apple stupid proofs things like enrollment, offboarding, MDM management etc.

Hell its not like its "new tech" the features that eventually morphed into Activation Lock have existed within the MacOS and iOS since 2012... targeted explicitly towards Enterprise management.


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Yep. Easily gone through 10 androids in the span of my 4 iphones. And only 1 was because it was dropped (1 became lost but that's a whole different story.) Even flagship ones that are as expensive as Apples, dead in less than 2 years for component failures.

in contrast every single one of my iphones still work going all the way back to the 4s. My 6s lasted me from release till the SE2 I own currently came out. And even on that 6s, I broke the lightning port and has a new third party one swapped in 45 min myself because Apple smartly made it a daughter card. Meanwhile I have a working lenovo tablet I can't use because the USB micro port died and you have to desolder the whole thing to replace it.


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No they wouldn't... the costs are not entirely what are preventing it now, and the DOE was specifically targeting these for approval to reduce the actual building costs which are the highest part of the costs.

>DOE is also supporting the development of smaller reactor designs, such as microreactors and small modular reactors, that will offer even more flexibility in size and power capacity to the customer. These factory-built systems are expected to dramatically reduce construction timelines and will make nuclear more affordable to build and operate.,have%20also%20deterred%20public%20interest.


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5% is not even the expected national turnover rate for tech...

10k is a lot... unless you forget that literally means they have 200,000 employees and THATS why it seems like a lot.

5% at a more average size company is only 200-300 people. Every company I have worked for typically has 20-30 staff rollover a month.. sometimes more between firings, retirings, and leaving to a new job.


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Headline is misleading as hell.

Someone accidentally triggered Siri while calling out boxing strats. They were saying 1-1-2 (instead of like left left right or right right left) which happens to be Australias version of 911.

Siri thus started calling 112 and overhearing the conversation in the background where shot was used in relation to punches and the cops overreacted.