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The piece implies Hawking and Hertog rethought the relationship between scientific theory and reality along the lines of theories are emergent from the evolving nature of reality.

Yes, I realise that previous sentence is a nebulous string of profound sounding buzzwords. I'm interested to see what H & H have come up with.

Looking forward to the book.


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This is one of the things that periodically blows my mind: look up, and that photon from that galaxy has traveled for millions of years and for a jiffy, and just here its wavefunction has collapsed on one cell in my retina.


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These people, and the tattooists who inked them, are as short sighted as their tattoos are infantile.

I know many people with many, many tatts, and a few tattoo artists. Among the latter, the one who still considers themself an amateur does far better line work than this.

Tattooing is an art. Tattooists and their clients should be highly invested in the quality of their work; in my experience they are.

Calling your disappearing ink business "No Regrets" gives out henna stall at a county fair vibe at best, kid birthday party face painting at worst.


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>Molson Coors appeals call to discontinue ad claim of 'beer shouldn't taste like water'

>The National Advertising Division told Molson Coors it had to stop using the phrase after Anheuser-Busch challenged it.

>Anheuser-Busch ... owns multiple global brands, notably Budweiser, Michelob, Stella Artois, and Beck's.

"Next target, homeopathic medicines! Mwahahaha!"


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Mining didn't come in until much, much later. Australia was built off the sheep's back, it's said, forgetting about the genocides and land theft as colonisers always do.

The scramble is ongoing, here and elsewhere, with Aussie mining companies fighting, in courts or with mercenaries, local people from West Australia to DRC to get their big holes dug.