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cap off one use other two, now what?

Edit: really should have one of the wires as a "reference" to compare off of.

Also, ima cheat and use a magnetic field.


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Normalization in progress makes it more like the left. Example of working out and hitting a new plateau or fitness level, which is now your baseline and you fluctuate and start all over (You are still progressing). This is why you note progress with values and not feelings (Of course this doesnt work well with certain areas that are inherently subjective).

Or on a long time scale it would be logarithmic, relative to certain factors, and you have an absolute limit.


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lol youd be surprised how difficult it could for some cases. I had a shitty time trying to get my citizenship while in the military and know several others that had to go through way more trouble than necessary. And this was when they swapped over the time in service guarantee to as long as you are active service.


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Edit and photoshop helps (like money).

Cameras can be expensive.

Sometimes you take a pic with the cover.

Batteries not included.

Take many shots, pick a suitable picture.


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tell that to businesses that are flush with enough cash to fail and start back up again...

more resources = more options. Holding out for a prayer on a slim chance sucks.

edit: i mean look at the picture, hes still higher than he would be with nothing.


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Forgot a big one... re-evaluate/analyze because you are bordering on the definition of insanity.

A flawed plan or path may forever be such.


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If your decisions are gated by an authority figure then there are some issues down the road.

also applies on the flip side, not saying you shouldnt strive to do better but if that is the primary factor then what happens if that is gone and are there enough supportive or alternate avenues to keep you going... minus the issue of is it worth pursuing (preventative, realistic, planned).


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I usually like to Route it through a battery bank (Rated for higher temp) with a small switch or controller (basically so it can switch to car battery if low). Also allows you to keep loop recording without any worry about draining your battery.


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They should have a range included for experience as well, also redo terms for experience level. Like get rid of entry level if it requires experience or create another category for it (or maybe just use what the govt has and adapt that into a provate sector version... should dump out some of the unnecessary HR filler in the job apps).