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Dude, take it from another chef who has done boutique infused dinners...

It isn't worth it, and you're never going to be licensed to do it. Makind edibles has a lot more legal restrictions than you're imagining.


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I can't remember if I said this to you before, but I don't hold a home kitchen to the same standards as a commercial volume kitchen. The commercial kitchen by nature of it's volume has a higher likelihood of foodborne illnesses and so extra precaution must be taken.

At home, just like u/fusion260, my cats get on the counter and it's no big deal after a Lysol/Clorox wipedown. at least we actually wipedown our counters, which is more than I can say for Hobnob.


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One problem would be that, perhaps not immediately but inevitably, the corporate sponsor would have the curriculum align to their interests. It would be no different than how Dominion lobbies the state of Virginia, or how many corporate entity lobbies Congress.

Corporate money in the people's government (and government services) is always a net negative.


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Naming things like buildings, towns, and bridges after people also enforces the idea of a ruling or superior class; that some people are worth naming things after and others not.

My favorite example I've seen is Bill Cosby. At the time everyone thought it would be great to name things after him. How did that turn out?

We should stop idolizing and worshipping other humans.


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That's not body shaming. It'd be different if they were commenting on their weight or a visible attribute. The pee pee in reference is (hopefully) in the driver's pants and OP couldn't possibly know what their pee pee actually looks like.

They're implying they have small dick energy, which describes a behavioral typology more than the actual size of a person's genitals. No one in this thread seems to think the honking driver could possibly be an impatient road ranger honking prematurely be cause OP didn't just kiss two fingers and look to their God before just sending it right into incoming traffic yelling, "YOLO!".


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The loud tenants are likely in violation of the lease they agreed to, which is enough to have them evicted. Yes, LL would have to go through eviction process but they don't have to prove they're a threat. Multiple documented instances of breaking the noise curfew is sufficient.

Depending on the location, the LL may very well not care so long as rent is being paid, but the posing a threat thing is nonsense.