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I grew up on well water and have never had an issue since moving to places with municipal water supplies 20+ years ago. And I don't think that's generally a symptom of ingesting fluoride unless in very large quantities.


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LOL. That's the point. Their intention is to be as much of a booze-bar as is possible in a state like VA. They make their food margins off of Carytown Cupcakes. They don't claim to be a restaurant.


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Big BP fan here. I have never noticed them in gas stations north of the NC border, but I think the first truck stop gas station after you cross it on 95 has them. But I would guess that almost all gas stations, even deep in the south, use canned boiled peanuts for the same reason you state but they aren't bad (the "peanut patch" brand frequently). When I make them myself I just use a crock pot and raw peanuts and they're ready the next day.