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Great question and I have no idea what the answer is. But I can speculate. I suspect in most things that there are elements of both nature and nurture. Interventions would probably be age determined by a combination of talk therapy and pharmaceuticals as is almost always the case in anxiety and depression.


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Getting some dismissive comments in here so let’s talk about the facts.

  1. “Tang’s research is unique for its characterization of the subjects’ early temperamental risks and the protracted length of time they were studied.”
  2. This is a combination of behavioral and brain imaging readouts showing a correlation between childhood (as early as 1 year old) behaviors coupled with brain imaging characteristics and anxiety and/or depression in young adults.

Seems to be pretty interesting. I’m focused more on immunology but I think approaches like this will hopefully help us find markers to allow for early identification of risk factors and maybe even interventions to prevent serious anxiety/ depression in adults.