aimeebisoubisou t1_jbbgvyz wrote

The rounding up of the total for a pretty number is where I draw the line, math-wise. I’m barely able to do the other math 🤣

In your $13.57 scenario I would just round up to $15, divide by 5 to get $3 for a tip, and the total would be $16.57. Bam, math done.

But then again I’m also the type who doesn’t round up @ the gas pump either. Very few other transactions are round numbers so 🤷🏼‍♀️


aimeebisoubisou t1_ja9tp3y wrote

The same dudes that own Hot for Pizza also own Cobra Cabana and they also play horror movies on any given night (mixed in with classics like Road House etc).

Can also vouch for GwarBar & Wonderland as being good destinations for horror movies, although in most cases they are just on the TVs muted with captions while music plays in the background.