aminorman OP t1_iu5rsg9 wrote

I've started buying extra large eggs just for my fry ups. I have a couple of nice dedicated egg pans. I recently bought a 10in Ninja Non-Stick skillet for my hash brown experiments. I tried it with these eggs and love it. That aside cooking pretty eggs takes practice.

I sieve (flour sifter) each one and hold each in it's own round bottom cup . Sieving removes the wispy bit just like prepping poached eggs. I tried a fine and a course sieve. The courser worked best.

Preheat your best pan to medium high. Add one tbsp of ghee. Other fats will work but I've been making my own lately for other experiments.

Reduce the heat to medium heat. Tilt the pan to make pool of ghee. Let it flow back and an put egg right on it. Gently tilt the pan in another direction to make pool of ghee. Let it flow back and an egg right on it. Repeat as needed. All the eggs are in the pan at once. Add more ghee if needed for pools.

Reduce heat to low heat and swish the eggs around. They should move easily.

Baste the whites with any ghee in the pan. Add more ghee if you can't get a spoonful.

If the eggs start to crisp (mine did a little in this cook) remove from the heat completely for a bit. Continue basting the whites until you're happy.

Low and slow makes nice eggs.