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Just install one of those "universal ceiling fan remote controls". Most hardware stores sell them.


You'll have to use a ladder to get up there at least once to install the receiver, but after that, the power stays "on" at the switch and the remote actually turns the fan/lights on and off.


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Rape is a horrible, despicable act that can leave people with permanent emotional and physical scars. It destroys lives.

Being falsely accused of rape will leave you permanent emotional scars and destroys lives.

They aren't the same thing, but in both cases you have clear intent to harm someone else in a way that you know will destroy their life. A rape charge shouldn't be lessened, but the others should be worse. "20 years max" is weak. 5 years for the wife is pathetic too.


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Reply to comment by ITGenji in This Sashimi platter by PhillyPhresh

Do you prefer it that way?

It's personal preference I know, but I hate the mouth feel of cold beef fat. The flavor is like warm/hot beef fat, but with the volume turned down. Since the fat is the whole point of wagyu, it always seems like a waste to me. A quick sear on it will always taste better imo.


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Again, none of that in any way contradicts what I said earlier.

To quote you directly:

>Diabetes used to be...almost exclusively T1.

I'm talking about that part. Type 2 has ALWAYS been the more prevalent type. Always.

And no, it absolutely cannot be put into remission for all patients. There are some people with completely healthy diets, weights, and exercise regimens that still develop the disease. They are absolutely the minority. I am not disputing that. But you're flat out wrong to claim that doesn't happen. Or that type 1 used to be more prevalent than type 2. Or that people could survive long term with type 1 with lifestyle changes alone before insulin was available. Those are all 100% incorrect statements that you've made.


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Again, flat out untrue. Until the isolation of insulin by Banting and Best, the best you could do was extend life. Cutting carbs alone would give you a few months or a couple of years if your "honeymoon period" lasted longer. Because even fat/protein intake affects blood glucose (to a lesser extent than carbs), many people also followed the "starvation diet", which extended life longer by consuming the absolute bare minimum of calories. It always resulted in death though.

Yes, as I clearly implied, type 2 prevalence has increased a lot due to lifestyle but it has always been more prevalent than type 1. Another major contributing factor is age and people are living longer.


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No, that is flat out untrue. Type 2 has always been more common. Especially when you consider that type 1 was a quick death sentence up until a hundred years ago. And around 20% of type 2 patients develop it without obesity or diet as a contributing factor. At least in the US. That ratio is higher in countries with less obesity. For example just getting old is a major contributor too, as well as just genetic predisposition.