apextek t1_ja4nuyd wrote

grow the fuck up and stop being a selfish bitch. Playing with other people's feelings to get extra gratification for yourself shows you are selfish and don't care about the people you get into relationships with.

Might as well be straight up up front and say Im a serial cheater I'm only looking for hookups and have no ability to truly commit.


apextek t1_ja0t8ja wrote

the real AI pornhub will be insane. Your virtual gfe/bfe/etc.. whatever that does whatever whoever and however, spends their downtime researching ways to trigger pleasure responses catered specifically to your likes, kinks and behavioral patterns. Then comes the real world body avatars


apextek t1_j8s9iqn wrote

sorry to jack this thread, was just reading the side rules,.. and wtf is a dogwhistle? Like I'm not saying something, but you think that what I'm saying implies something else so I could be breaking rule one?

A rule like that could totally be twisted to remove anyone that you disagree with their sentiment, and twist their sentiment to mean anything you want. Seems like a bad rule that could easily be abused.