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Italian: Dish Osteria

Thai: Dancing Crab

BBQ: Bad Azz BBQ

All local to South Side. My other favorites are Birmingham Bridge Tavern and Rugger's for bar fare, Carson Street Deli (self explanatory), Pub Chip Shop for great fish and chicken and chips, Michael's Pizza Bar for a killer Buffalo Chicken pizza.


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In Pittsburgh proper? ehhh, decent tires and FWD will do you 99% of the time. In Tyrone? Little snowier and colder and more back roads that might not be maintained. Definitely a smart move, but tires do make a bigger impact that AWD in most regular driving cases.


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>would like to have a bit less of a "city" living feel.
>having "things" to do

Greenfield is close to things by car I guess, but there isn't a whole lot of "things" to do there. Getting less "city" than Shadyside is probably going to reduce the amount of "things" to do pretty significantly. Not talking shit on Greenfield because it's a nice place and convenient/affordable... just not sure what your priorities are.