bgr2258 OP t1_iuinm2y wrote

I'm not sure if I know the "actual premiums" involved. The information I have only tells me what my own cost will be. The PPO is the company basic plan, which costs me $0. The HSA is cheaper, which means the company contributes $125.38/month back into the HSA.

Here's some more details, which I'll add back to the post:

HSA premium: $-125.38/mo (company contributes back into HSA)
HSA deductible: $6350
HSA OOP max: $6350
HSA expected medication costs: $4000 ish
HSA expected specialist visit costs: $2300 ish (hooray therapy!)
PPO Premium: $0 (covered by company)
PPO deductible: $2000
PPO OOP max: $5000 (i can't help reading that as POOP MAX)
PPO expected medication costs: $600ish
PPO expected office visit costs: $700ish (hooray cheaper therapy!)