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They really did a number on the letter "e" at some point, did it piss off someone important?

Alright that's enough e, I will make it my life's work to ensure you're time at the end of words is finished


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To add on to the other comment, these deposits are made in very carefully selected locations that would be used as a backup in case the main samples are unable to successfully be returned to earth. They'll get a little dusty, but with the way it works on Mars they will be able to sit perfectly sealed for many years before they'll be covered with enough dust to be hard to locate


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It's not that difficult to get grated wasabi root where I am, and I'm in the the US about as far from any oceans as possible. It's true that pretty much everything you'll find in restaurants or in those little packets is just horseradish and mustard seed, but this is the one I usually get, it's sold in quite a few stores nearby


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I bet with different paper materials and other things like the ink used influence the combustion temperature quite a bit, I'm surprised a lab would come up with such a specific number for a widely variable thing