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Why waste food just so I can say a restaurant served me what they should for someone in a "first-world country"? I'd rather sides not be as expensive, obviously, but why spend more money and create waste (or feel like shit for stuffing myself) when I can just not order it. Plenty of places solve this problem with small and large sides, as the smalls are usually reasonable.


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The only way an owner can give a notice that's legally "proper" is if the end of lease is coming up anyway and they're informing you that they won't be renewing with you. Otherwise they have to go through eviction proceedings because being under a lease protects the tenant from being removed any other way.


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I never said I was defending slapping up a mural without asking within one of these districts, or that I was against these districts with rules. I also understand how and why they work. Though I will say someone liking old architecture and the city having specific colors to choose from for a house are pretty different things.

I've known three people who said they got nothing in the mail about it and were not made aware of it during the buying process. I also just spoke to a code guy the other day who said they don't send anything.

Regardless, this is a common problem in this city, not just with things like mural. The city has a problem with people knowing they are in these zones and educating them as to what that means. It's not all their fault, but they're doing a pretty crap job at their end if they want these rules followed.


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I didn't even know about City Old and Historic Districts until I had my house a few years. As soon as a new property owner is registered to a Richmond address within one, they should send something in the mail informing owners of them. It's not hard to break the rules, even basic changes to appearance might need approval, not just stuff like murals.


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Man, before they built an apartment building beside me (not a bad thing), I had a wall that was super visible and 50 feet outside of the City Old and Historic District. Still not an awful wall for painting, but there is only about a 10 to 12 foot gap between the two buildings. People pass through all the time though, and it's visible from the street, so if this turns out badly for BustArt (or even if it doesn't) then I'd offer up my jawn.


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The concept of going up to someone and hitting on them is sort of weird to me. Like there are tons of women I find attractive, but how many would I mesh with?

But yeah, if I had talked to someone a few times, or at least one longer convo, I could see feeling it out on going further.

What lines do guys spit at you?

Edit: heh, not me shooting my shot but I was like "dsm5lovechild? That version has only been out like a decade, who's hitting on her!?"


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You right, you right, I was just addressing the thing about their cost. I see your edit, I was thinking I might have been missing something in what you said.

I think with a new multi-story condo building you could get a lot of interest. Maybe people with 900k to spend wouldn't want it, but I bet a building with 300 to 500k ones could do well. Seeing what people have paid for condos around Monroe and Jackson Wards is shocking. Not sure if the builder could make money like that, but oh well, apartments it is then. The 15 people who had almost a mil can live elsewhere.

Sort of off topic, but who is buying these shitty apartment buildings? Is the rental income so good that it's worth buying something that is practically falling apart from day 1? Seeing the repairs needed to the building next door (5 or 6 years old) and the one across the street (barely 2 years old) is so sad.


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I'm not one of these people who is 100% against single family homes, even though them being this close to the CBD is sort of a travesty, and I'm not complaining about the price, but I think it's tough to call this project high density. Sure, it's higher density than the suburbs, and the parking lot it was before of course, but those are pretty low bars.

This was a missed opportunity for the city and housing stock.


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Yeah, like I get the concept it's just also still surprising or a bit crazy to think about in context. It's not that straightforward that "I like this location of this chain" gets the same amount of downvotes as when people use racial slurs. I've known for a long time that people take Chipotle seriously enough to tear families apart and cause civil wars.


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I'm not disagreeing with that.....no personal knowledge myself. I've eaten there but I've always thought Chipotle was bland and overrated since I first had it maybe around 2012. I'm just surprised and a bit amused that a simple statement about liking a location of a chain is getting downvoted similarly to when people say pretty vile or hateful things and get downvoted for it.


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Right, letting property you own can easily result in greed, but not wanting to pay for things even if it's your fault as a tenant is just another form of greed. Someone can sign the cleaning checklist at move-in, not even attempt half the things at move-out, and then automatically expect their full deposit. Someone can break things and we let it slide and then one time we charge them, we're just a greedy landlord.

We don't struggle with pests much, but everyone assumes pests are just the fault of the dwelling when it's like are you leaving food all over the place? Are you not telling me about a water leak because it seems small and now it's attracting pests? And the stuff people think you can flush is mind blowing. No, sorry, you can't dispose of kitty litter or that massive ball of hair you combed out. Or people still somehow think flushing paper towels is OK. We talk to people about it before move-in, it's in the lease, and still we're amazed by the new things people come up to try and fit down a toilet. But if it's clogged, it's the plumbing's fault and the owner should pay.

My dream renter is a dual income family with kids. Two sources of income, reason to stay for a while.


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Yeah, I planned to look around a bit but not going to put much effort into it. I've assumed that to not be a part of the problem I'll need to manage it myself. Don't wanna be a shitty landlord, but people also like to forget there is no shortage of shitty tenants, so we'll see if we last as the managers.


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For some fruit trees it can be bad. My berry bushes and coming earlier than normal, but they're cold hardy enough that they should be fine. Trees though that are mostly cold hardy but not usually budding now can be completely killed, or at least killed back to the ground to have to regrow up from the roots. If it's flowering early, there's a decent risk of losing all the buds and getting no fruit this year. People might need to cover trees they don't usually need to.


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Not to say OP is wrong or that it isn't an issue at Bowtie, but yeah, I bet 9 out of 10 people who say they know where they got them are wrong. Like you said, it takes a while for them to multiply and become apparent a lot of the time. I bet also someone who notices bed bugs after having been to Bowtie but has never heard of Bowtie having them would be less likely to think they got them there.


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I sometimes pass a few to get there. The selection is incredible for the size. I've noticed a lot of the bigger ones just stock way more of the same product, like 10 rows of Evan Williams to fill space. The Carytown one always has the random liqueurs and amari that I'm looking for, or some brand of a liquor I haven't seen. There are far bigger stores with way less of the stuff I tend to look for. Not that everyone is looking for weird stuff like me, but it's something.


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You and I don't see eye to eye on just how "great" it is for this city to slowly turn into a playground for rich, white folks but you won me with paragraph 3.

It's not a club city, though far better than Nova itself. DC obviously is leagues better, but I don't think Arlington areaNOVA offers much at all. That said, I think Jungle Room is trash while a ton of people think it's amazing. So to some people this is a "club enough" city, but none of the genres you listed, OP, are ones you'll find much of here, except the vague "EDM".