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It's a terrible, predatory system, but that's what it means when units are "market rent", the prices fluctuate on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis and if you dont lock in a unit, you will miss out on that "sale" price.

It shouldn't be that way, as housing shouldn't be allowed to be treated as a fluctuating luxury item, but it currently is.

If you are worried about coming across this again, keep an eye out for "market rent" listings, just know that many many properties are doing this and that at some point you may have to bite the bullet just to get a good unit at a decent price.


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All said, the place wasn't great for the food and it is honestly surprising its lasted this long, but losing it is still very sad. Many Pittsburghers have fond memories of stopping there for an army and hanging with Al.

That was my family's favorite nostalgia spot when everyone was in town together and Al always gave the kids quarters for the toy and gumball machines.

I'll be going to get a Franco Italian Army before it closes and will truly be sad to never have the chance to go back.


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Yeah, but in there is that little word "life", that's generally understood as the things you need to, ya know LIVE.

You are not supposed to be able to deprive someone of food, water, or shelter, but we are currently at a fucked up place in society because we have allowed capitalism to make that possible. We make going to school mandatory (fine) but we take away food if the child/family cant pay, we let companies reroute and pollute water systems at the expense of people down stream, and people like yourself sit back and think it's fine that for profit companies gouge prices on housing leaving people without shelter.

Sure you can say the Constitution is there to protect people from the government, but the whole purpose of having said government is to benefit the people. It has failed massively by allowing greed to go unchecked and support networks fail.


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Fair enough, that exact phrasing was in the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution. The Constitution does however offer protection for life, liberty and property in the 14th amendment.

I am far from a constitutionalist and do not subscribe to the idea that it is infallible, but the point stands that we deserve to do more than just survive. This notion that housing isn't a human right is insane, and far too many people make concessions for land and wealth hoarding entities just because "that's how it works".


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A home is something people need to survive, it is not at all comparable to a latte and should not be priced as such.

HUD programs are great when they are funded and managed properly, but a big issue right now is that those vouchers can not be used in all areas and can be denied by any landlord. There is a massive shortage of available units for users of the voucher programs because of stigma, discrimination, and poor management of the system that oversees existing HUD properties.


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This isn't a gotcha point, I actually intend to. It is part of my dream goal to restore people's faith in landlords in a small way by renting out extra space in my home at a base price.

Rental property should NEVER be allowed to be someone's sole income, but I dont have any issue with it bringing supplemental income so long as it isn't taking advantage of the renters.

I'm purchasing a home within my budget because I intend to make sure I can pay for it on my own. If I decide to add a renter their cost is going to be AT MOST half of my mortgage and an equal split of utilities regardless of what the market is. I WANT to see them save money so they can do what I did and I would appreciate the ability to pay off my mortgage faster.

If I am ever privileged enough to own a 2nd home outright I still wouldn't charge "market rent" I would offer someone a rent-to-own agreement on the house so that they can actually have a chance to do what I did and build equity. If they didn't want the rent to own, they still would only have to pay the minimum amount possinle to keep the house going until I can find someone that does want the rent to own. Point being no one needs a second freaking house and that rental isnt meant to be my freaking income! It's not hard.


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I've discussed this in another post, but my reply boils down to "market price" is BS when it comes to something someone needs for survival. The literal purpose of the annual rent increase for a current tenant is to keep up with expected inflation while maintaining current profits for the company. If the rent jumps 15% and inflation is only up 5% then the company is just price gouging because they can and it is immoral and should be made illegal.


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Thank you for sharing your experience in the healthcare system. I'll be honest that I usually avoid that topic because I truly cannot handle thinking about the disparities for long without myself struggling.

Why so many people in this thread and life feel it is normal to let such a horrible system continue I do not know. Just because the situation has gotten to this point does not mean it is okay, does not mean it should have gotten here, or that it should continue.


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Actually they exist because they are supposed to be temporary, whether it's to give the renter the ability to save for a home or if they were only planning to stay in the area a short time like a work contract or school. Housing was never meant to for profit.