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First off, never leave anything in cash in your Roth IRA.

Second, you can withdraw any contributions you have made.

You cannot put that money back in unless you put it back within 60 days.


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Ben might be the only reason the new Quantum Leap was able to function - which is why he couldn't be stopped before he leaped.

Maybe something even worse happens if Addison leaps instead of Ben? We have seen that she can be a bit more calculating than Ben, where he is a bit more emotional - maybe she would've made a decision that was good for her mission, but not good for everyone? Or maybe Addison killed Martinez (or almost killed him) in a leap, which really fucked things up, so Ian made it up that Addison died in a leap, because two leapers are needed at some point?

Either way, it seems like a military trained leaper was needed (Addison before Ben leaped, Martinez after he leaped).

If their goal is to stop the meltdown, maybe one of them will have to die to succeed - so Martinez is distancing himself from Ben


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> I say he currently hates Ben because of possibly one leap's consequences end up killing someone close to Martinez.

Or he did something that caused the nuclear winter.

I think we have settled into the right amount of leap & present day plots - it was way too present day in the first few episodes.

I am totally thinking that if it gets a second season, we'll have Scott Bakula appear.


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Get pet insurance, we didn't and our dog has needed hip dysplasia surgery and ended up getting an auotimmune disorder that cost us $6000 for three days in the animal hospital.

Oh, and pick a good rescue. We used Castle of Dreams in central jersey - they rescue animals from kill shelters in the south. If you're looking for a specific kind of dog, you can tell them and they can call you when they see one.

We also used a dog trainer who came to our house, I think it was The Social Dog? She was affordable and very helpful.

oh, and get a good harness - we use a freedom harness and our dog LOVES it, when we grab the harness he knows he is either going for a walk or going to the vet (and he loves the vet because he gets to meet a lot of people)


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Honestly, it's good. It's not bad, but it isn't great. It's a fun procedural that should have a tough less of a season long arc. It is getting better as it goes along - and I like how it hasn't treated any of the leaps as a joke.

I also like that he is something Super Duper Genius with, what, 8 PhDs like Beckett - it feels a tiny bit more... realistic?