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I was tested for weeds, trees, molds, animals, etc. Allergic to all of the above.

I haven't started treatment yet. They are sub-lingual immunotherapy drops (under the tongue) or SLIT. They are custom mixed like shots, say they can be effective in as little as 8 weeks. I chose them because shots were going to be had for me with time and travel.


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I just got tested. They listed to cost as $536 for standard skin testing including a breathing test and consulting fee at ENT & allergy specialists of western pa.

The paperwork from my dr's office says the codes are 95004 and 95024 for skin testing and 94010 for the breathing test.

Paperwork also says that injections are $215 for one bottle, $300 for 2, $445 for 3+, depending on your treatment needs. Bottles will last 2-4 months. Injection fees are $25/1 or $30 for multiple.

I opted to go with a different treatment plan (drops) which are not covered by insurance. They are $280 every 11 weeks. Saves me having to go into the office for the shots.


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You are thinking of the Mega Butler Book Sale held at the Butler Farm Show grounds on 68. The sale is run by Mr Bookman, a company out of Franklin, PA so the stickers aren't unique to the sale as they run many events.

Eta I believe the sales were in May and October In past years