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If the developers get so far down the road on a project of this size without reviewing it for general compliance with the zoning code then they are incompetent and deserve to lose that money. The city is not going to block projects that are generally compliant, they want the development to occur too. The reviews are about making changes at the margins, ensuring compliance with all city requirements, etc.


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The process needs to be expedited and simplified but it is still important, and the developers don't deserve the benefit of the doubt here. I think it also makes sense for them to be a large funding source for the department. This fee may well be too high but I think the proper number is closer to the new fee than the old. And the fact that the city is again going to be subject to onerous legal proceedings over something like this is bullshit - another case of developers overpowering the city through sheer wealth. If it's so onerous the city should feel those effects in declining development, not bullshit legal wrangling. That's an additional cost for everyone, but the developers don't give a shit about that!

The review is also more complex than that, often requiring ZBA and CDAP review/approval outside of the normal staff review (which also includes cross-referencing with existing city plans, not just reviewing the zoning code).


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We could marginally slow traffic on a single stretch of road with chicanes or we could marginally slow traffic on many stretches of road with speed bumps. I know which I'd pick! This overheated stuff about their alleged harms does you no favors.

E: I'm no fan of Gainey but this program started under Peduto. Just a very weird thing to get on Gainey's case about.


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If you think recycling paper products is no better than throwing them in the landfill then you really are an idiot. You'd have the beginnings of a point if the topic here was plastics but you haven't bothered to understand what you're talking about at all.

Cardboard is the most recycled material in the US and over 90% is recycled each year. This rate has been above 80% since 2009. It is the material with the strongest argument for recycling!


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Oh yea I'll make sure to go to the factory and have my goods packaged in reusable packaging instead of cardboard. Cardboard is extremely recyclable and the actual recycling rate is pretty good. If you can't differentiate between that and other types then you've got no business telling other people how to act on this topic.