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Better prepare for some more is the water safe to drink or air safe to breathe posts over the next few days /s

>Crazy these seem to happen more and more

Like so many other things, these have happened before and probably used to happen a lot more than they do now but they have become a big news story after East Liverpool


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As an experienced fat guy I can tell you that if you ripped a hole in the crotch of something you bought yesterday that it is either crazy poor quality or it didn't really fit you. I have no idea what you mean by a hippie shop or by one sized patch work tapestry but I wish you the best.


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I was intimately involved with one where I was forced to attempt to walk home from work. I had to bear crawl most of the way and ended up only making it to my friend's house which was about halfway between work and home. Thankfully, his family was happy to let me spend the night but we were all pretty pissed when we had to go to school the next day.


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Freezing rain is very uncommon around here, it requires very specific conditions and can be predicted pretty accurately. If you see a forecast for rain during winter months it will just be rain.


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What is the deal with the phone number? The only people who ever ask for my number first thing are when I am checking out at some store I hardly ever shop at.

What are FBI security guards doing all the way down by Becks Run?

Anyway, I have never heard either of these terms used in the way you described.