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PVD is cheaper than Boston, but also has a fantastic arts scene, and lots of great restaurants and bars. There are some great neighborhoods not too far from Brown in all directions, also very close to downtown.

If you’re driving, the good news is you’re going against a lot of the morning traffic commuting south. The commuter rail is a solid option, I believe it stops right downtown, short walk to Brown. Not sure about price or timing though.


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I would start by looking around Broadway and Atwells Ave. They are cool neighborhoods with a lot of great restaurants, coffee shops,bars, some shops, as well as The Columbus Theater. Fox Point, College Hill, anywhere near brown are also great neighborhoods with lots to do.


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I worked at Wildflour for quite a while, which is owned by the same couple as The Grange. I always had wonderful interactions with them and it was a great work environment. Sad to hear The Grange wasn’t the same experience.


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I miss that place so much. It was a fantastic vegetarian dining experience with a great bar, and I think it was one of the best restaurants in the city.


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I used to live in that neighborhood. That bridge has been under construction for a while, and that intersection has been annoying ever since. It’ll be wonderful when it’s is finished! What a great way to make the Smith Hill neighborhood feel truly connected with downtown!