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NC native here, I’m also a UNC alum and duke named their business school the Fuqua school of business. The interactions I’ve had with their alums has led me to call it the fuckwad school of business instead.

In NC, there’s also a town called Fuquay-Varina. Pronounced “few-qway va-ree-nuh” but it makes you feel like you’re saying something dirty every time


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I fucking hate renting, but I’m only 9 months out of college so the idea of buying is about 5+ years out at least

Edit: also, tbf, for the square footage / location / amenities/ the market it’s expensive but could’ve been worse based on the searches we were making


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I’m scared now, I live in the condo style apartments in Libbie Mill, have a feeling the jump is going to be equally insane and they likely won’t entertain a reduction request. I straight up would not be able to afford a 20% increase. In truth I thought even moving in it was a little out of budget, but my GF loved it so here we are.


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True. Call me an asshole but I always base my tip on the subtotal. Especially here now where the restaurant tax is ridiculous

Edit to those downvoting me: 20% of the subtotal is my default. Unless the service is downright bad, I rarely stray from 20%. Seeing lots of people saying 15% is within acceptable range, 15% of the post-tax total and 20% of the subtotal aren’t that different.


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Which is interesting, bc we are taxed at about double the rate of most places, at least downtown.

I went to LA recently and was shocked to see the tax at restaurants was pretty standard. Eating in Richmond has made me think 15% tax is normal lol.


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Well they’re currently building a new apartment building at Libbie mill. Maybe you could take your kid to the library before / after? There’s always some sort of construction going on around here lol


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According to google for the definition:

“a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.”

Both examples ive been given meet the definition. Rice and roast beef still doesn’t.