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when i was 22, my father, stumbling drunk and suicidal, fell and hit his head. he died instantly. that’s when i realized, in the midst of my grief, how much I love beef stew. for this recipe, you’ll need a slow cooker,


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It’s all bullshit. The federal government can track and seize your every move with bitcoin, it’s no different than regular currency. There’s no argument to be made towards bitcoin other than the possibility of making money off its speculative value. At this point it’s just a meaningless volatile security with few real-world applications.


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Some rotoscope stuff looks similar, such as A Scanner Darkly with Keanu Reeves and RDJ (one of my favorite films). Another good example is Waking Life. You may also like the style of Loving Vincent, a biopic about Van Gogh featuring thousands of hand-painted frames