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"March Madness Brackets" is a dumb sports game where every idiot on the planet decides for themselves who they think will beat who in the college basketball playoffs. The whole field of 32 (64?) down to the very last game between the 2 teams who didn't lose once. You build your own "bracket" showing who you think will win, and your bracket is "busted" when you have no way of seeing any team you chose move forward to the finals. It's particularly "interesting" this year since apparently a bunch of low seed literally-who tier teams keep winning against big names.

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The reasons for that phenomenon are not nearly uniform, just like literally anything to do with human nature. You can't use Occam's Razor against human logic, it will never work.

An actual statistician would be painfully aware of this, and not gainsaying people presenting perfectly reasonable explanations that aren't just "everyone is bad at estimates for exactly the same reason".


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>I said they're both the reason why Americans think queer population is larger than it actually is. Didn't say anything about whether good or bad they are.

I think that was my whole point. Implying these behaviors are "the same" is shortsighted bordering on deceptive. Obviously in a vacuum, if every ensemble television or movie cast tics every representational diversity box, you're not going to have anything resembling a literal representational cross-section of broader society. I doubt seriously it causes as much overestimation as a 24 hour news cycle that hypes the same aspects of representational diversity as inimical to and actively conquering broader society.

All that aside the fact that one of these groups is regularly doing stochastic terrorism on live television, and it's not actually the kids from Euphoria.