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Yes, critical thinking is what isn't taught.

"Because nobody told me" is also the definition of willfull ignorance. If we say

"because i chose not to inform myself, relying on others to fulfill this responsibility for me"

The idea becomes more clear.


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"Because nobody told me" isn't a good reason for such ignorance.

Credulance as a default isn't banished by school. In fact they kind want that you believe ebeeything that school says is true, and work towards understanding your error if you disagree.

Very few teachers actually cause rational thought. Mostly the system tells you what rational thought is and grades on how well you repeat that back to them


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Trust me its not weaker, Maybe if you compare the beat outdoor ever, with the worst indoor. Its not like its perfectly sunny, or bug free with a nice vpd outdoors for the entirety of the plants life.

I can literally turn my grow light up to the point where the plant is suffering from light burn. Where the solution is to turn the light down, or move it away.

Outdoor might cost less , but its for concentrates, not smoking


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I think it was the BVO. Mountain dew nowadays just tastes like carbonated five alive since they phased pit the deliciously unhealthy brominated vegetable oil.

Mountain dew throwback has the old recipe