daaamber t1_jeevtuc wrote

I have grad school loans - I think I took out $30k for my whole masters program after most of my undergrad was paid too. I also worked and went to school. I now have about 10k left. (I’d qualify for Biden forgiveness if it passes the courts, if not I have the money set aside to pay it off.) I originally was on a public service forgiveness plan (8 years of payments) before I hopped to a private employer - but my salary doubled so it was worth it. I don’t regret the loan. I wish my 401k/Roth was higher now though - so dont cash that out.

For grad school loans, the interest is higher. But if they are public loans, you get the same forbearance, interest pause, and forgiveness plans as undergrad. They may be an option.

You’d probably want to cash out your stock before going that route though, unless you are making >8% interest on that - which no one is right now.