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West End school is anything west of Brookland Middle.

That said I am very pleased with the SPED resources my child gets at Longdale Elementary, a school people wouldn't call a West End school because it's East of Woodman Rd. But in my zip code (23060) there's both Greenwood Elementary & Longdale Elementary, and they are 2 very different schools that are just 2 miles apart.

I feel there's some misinformation about East End schools, engaging families that value education do find engaging teachers in the East, but I won't deny the socio economic difference between what feeds Brookland vs what feeds Hungary Creek or even my kid's elementary school and the neighboring school Greenwood.


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I feel like my kid gets more of a phonics background in part due to her IEP, vs kids who don't have IEPs.

Even though I see some phonics based instruction in both classroom & IEP, I see a more phonics based focus coming from what me daughter's IEP teacher gives her vs the classroom. When it comes to Balanced Learning programs like Fountas and Pinnell, because there's both whole language & phonics elements, its the practice in the classroom which determines where the focus is. They teach kids to sound out unfamiliar words, then go back and consider the whole sentence to understand if it makes sense in context.

Science of Learning isn't a specific program, comparing Science of Learning to Fountas and Pinnell is like comparing Greek food to Vegan food. Greek could be vegan, and vegan doesn't have to be Greek.

> The science of reading is not a literacy method in and of itself. Rather, it is the existing body of knowledge about how we learn to read. This body of evidence proves again and again that nearly every child can learn to read with confidence, given explicit instruction in the components of reading.

One way of modeling those reading components is Scarborough's reading rope. Fountas and Pinnell uses all of this, and yet there's criticism of Fountas and Pinnell. Curriculum criticism and review is something schools take rather seriously, it's just wonky and not in the press. Name changes are easy to digest and politically controversial, so they get news coverage. School systems have moved away from a 100% whole language curriculum, and did it while addressing any number of other issues to varying degrees of success. The school system can definitely address a building name change while the nitty gritty of curriculum gets rehashed & reviewed and teachers receive guidance based upon that curriculum review.


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You can tell who has little experience in K12 education.

Phonics is a major component of current Virginia SOLs and is taught across the state. If you have kids & you actually review the work they do, talk with their teacher, and are involved with their homework- you'll see them do both sight words & phonics.


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People will survive, and the sun will still rise in the east. This generation is putting its mark on public facilities & infrastructure they have stewardship over, and the next generation will do the same just as the last generation did. This reflex to remove virture from the public square by saying there are no virtuous people orth honoring by naming a school after, is a sign of how more people just want to be assholes to each other.


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What percentage of investigations following pedestrian deaths on roads don't even conclude with charges filed?

Beyond ACAB, if pedestrians are dying and we can't even find evidence that the drivers are breaking the law much less prove in court the driver was breaking the law... law enforcement isn't going to help.


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I don't know who accepts medicaid, but Williamsville Wellness is in Hanover, and in my humble opinion people that leave Williamsville leave Williamsville focused on their recovery. If I had to go somewhere close, I'd go there.

Call McShin at 804-249-1845 and let them know your situation. Based on their recommendation I went to a RCA facility in Maryland. If you let them know you are on MAT, they'll see to it that you'll get your treatment.

One thing McShin told me was to not seek treatment in your backyard, where its easy & convenient to leave against medical advice and hit the streets. You might want to consider options outside the immediate area.


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Remember the state income tax is only 5%.

The state/locality taxes your car so it can find an alternative to a higher income tax.

However, our state income tax is relatively flat and that we tax low value cars at the same rate as high value cars is regressive taxation. If you are poor a greater % of your income goes to taxes.


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Reply to comment by unarj in Petersburg Casino by SwanOverSunshine

No. According to § 58.1-4124 a casino pays 18%-30% gross revenue to the state, which the state then gives 6%-8% gross revenue to the host locality (33%-26% of the collected tax).

A typical restaurant which pays 0.36% gross for it's business license. Casinos pay localities 16%-22x more than other businesses like restaurants.

So not a pittance.

Richmond's not getting it. Getting that 8% is why Petersburg officials want it.


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Reply to comment by unarj in Petersburg Casino by SwanOverSunshine

Well, if you're not familiar- most businesses don't have to pay exorbitant licenses to operate. Casinos are alone in that category. Casinos are also taxed at a much higher rate than every other business. If other businesses had to pay 30% of gross revenue (not profit, revenue) to the state/locality, they would never open.

Meanwhile some businesses like Stone Brewery or say the Redskins, the City has to pay them to come here.

End of the day the City voted no, narrowly but still no. And now Petersburg can decide if it wants a predatory business that pays high taxes.