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There is a protected bike lane along carrie furnace blvd that takes you up to the rankin bridge.

There is also public money for designing the link eastward to the Westmorland Heritage Trail.

If the underpass is opened under the railraod, there is a gravel road that connects to Duck hollow and Bradock. Also, opening that underpass leads to a second underpass and a set of steps under the other set of tracks. This leads to an old parking lot for steelworkers. From there you can take amazing singletrack trail all the way back to frick park without ever crossing a road. Or you can go up a steep paved driveway on the border of swissvale and rankin. The very top crosses private land briefly but i'm guessing there's an easement that would allow it to be opened back up.

The gravel road and singletrack is already extremely popular with cyclists. Connecting this to the GAP will open up so many more opportunities for people in the area.


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There is an RIDC development in Rankin. RAAC owns the bridge and much of the other land. Rivers of steels owns Carrie Furnace in swissvale (or at least they did).

Normally, property lines and ownership can be seen on the county GIS website:

But for some reason, many of the nearby parcels are missing data right now. Perhaps they changed hands recently.


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Please reread, as you've misread the post you're replying to. It said nothing about relative rail safety. Instead, it was referring to how our freight rale is safer than ever. It has been getting dramatically safer for many decades.

Here's an article with some stats:

Even with more rail miles traveled, there were 44% fewer derailments last year than in 2000. There were 1164 last year as compared to 8763 in 1978. Certainly, 1978 was a bad year but it demonstrates the trend.

If you want to investigate further, raw data is available from the Federal Railroad Administratrion Office of Safety Analysis:


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The issue of freight rail being safer than ever? ;-)

The railroad strike had nothing to do with the equipment failure that caused the EP derailment. Getting more sick days wouldn't have fixed that. I support most of their demands but that is a separate topic than derailment.


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Is revoking the tax-exempt status of some properties the same as revoking an entity's non-profit status in its entirety?

I'm sure this will end up in court, nailing down the specifics of that distinction. Either way, this will likely be the most significant thing any mayor of Pittsburgh has done for a very long time. For a city with this many non-taxable entities and properties, this will have a major impact on city finances.


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That was genuine, not sarcastic. It is human nature to blame others when we're actually at fault ourselves. Big business didn't put the lead paint in the soil of my yard. If we're going to find someone to blame, it would have to be everyone from previous generations, not just rich/powerful people.


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I think the finger has to be pointed back at ourselves. We as individuals are the ones responsible for driving leaded-gas fueled personal automobiles and painting our houses with lead paint. It's clearly us, the individual citizens, who are to blame. If anything, many people argued against regulations when they were first enacted.

Put simply it isn't big business that put lead into our soil. We don't get to blame someone else for this one.


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We shouldn't let perfect be the enemy of good. Speed humps have been extremely beneficial in some parts of the city. Sure, a restructuring of our built environment would be a preferable solution. But that's extremely complicated and rarely succeeds. So while we continue pursuit of a better city structure, I am in favor of using speed humps.


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I can't remember it ever crashing for me with iPad usage, and i'm a heavy user. Could it be different preferences/config of reddit? I'm viewing an unstyled list of thread titles with only the OP's name, time and date, below it. Just white text on black background without any thumbnails. Within threads it is the same with the addition of the avatar image.


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That's not too out of whack. If you don't have gas appliances, normal usage plus heat, hot water, and clothes drying would make this only slightly higher than i would guess.

My solution is long johns, slippers and a hat indoors when it gets really cold.


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The Allegheny county GIS viewer shows Berlin Way as going through private property owned by "WAREHOUSE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY". I totally don't know the laws involved though. There could be an uninforced private easement or some such mumbo jumbo.



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Reply to comment by IClight69 in City steps by MacysMama

Humans have been walking year around for their entire existence. Is it really that hard to imagine? Seriously, i'm baffled at how walking could seem unimaginable to anyone. ;-)


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Are you sure your property line stops before the sidewalk? I was under the impression that Pittsburgh property extends to the street center line. Of course, there is a public right of way and easements involving streets, sidewalks, street trees, etc.