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The original artist for this concept will be impossible to find and is probably dead. You can find artistic neighborhood maps of basically every city. Some are more text based (like this one) while others are more picture based. I know I've seen text-based versions of the Baltimore neighborhood map for probably a decade and I'm sure it's been around for even longer. I've seen similar in other cities ( - random city that popped into mind and first result of the first search) as artwork, both prints and woodcut. You can even find cutting boards, magnets, etc.

Which artist ripped off this concept and added a spin to it? Now that's a question that could probably be answered. But it's probably better to call it a derivative work. The Etsy shop listed here basically grinds them out assembly line style.


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This was the first thing I thought of as well. We're about a week into spring, I'm not sure that yard waste pickup collection has begun? I don't have a yard and what little yard waste we do collect (branches and the like) just goes in the regular trash.


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... lol. This has to be one of the dumbest takes on this sub I've ever seen. And there is a lot of dumb stuff here. A lot. But this may very well take the cake.

It's much easier to type "DMV" than "the suburbs in and around DC." Much like it's much easier to type "DC" instead of "the District of Columbia." Or how "the UP" refers to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Or SoCal, SWFL, etc etc etc etc.


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That may very well be the case. At least the city is doing something about it. There’s a LONG way to go but they have to start somewhere.

Considering how narrow some sidewalks are combined with the presence of signs and garbage cans I don’t think it’ll ever be perfect. That would be a massive undertaking.


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So, Wi-Fi is not internet. You could have a rock solid home network but a terrible connection to your ISP. And vice versa.

I currently have Xfinity and have had cable for nearly three decades in quite a few locations. I’ve always owned my own equipment, if possible, and knew what I was doing with network setup. I’ve never had serious issues. Yes sometimes there were issues that were resolved in a reasonable time and sometimes equipment started to die.

Yet, others have plenty of problems with Xfinity. I’m sure some of it, probably a majority, is user error. Some of it might be bad luck with the local infrastructure. It’s not unreasonable that you could have a terrible experience while someone the next block over has a great one.


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Regardless of disability, the public transportation system here is not great. I would suggest you minimize your reliance on it as much as possible by being able to take single lines to your most common destinations. This will save you many headaches.

I can’t say I’ve paid close attention to how prevalent ramps are. But I feel like the city as a whole could be doing a lot better. Lots of businesses have stairs or thresholds of some kind.

Strangely, the city itself is making improvements by replacing nasty sidewalk sections. There used to be some pretty extreme sidewalks that were a hazard but many of those have been tamed. And sidewalks by intersections are much better with the ramps to street level. I say this is strange because normally the city is dogshit terrible at everything it does, but not here. I won’t say that it’s the most friendly city for you but progress seems steadily moving in the right direction.


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People hate on it but some of their experimental beers have been incredible. They take more risks than most/all smaller breweries. I recall their Lemon, Lavender, and Black Tea Golden Ale being an extremely approachable beer for those who aren't huge fans of beer. Much better than yet another uninspired IPA.

It's also a great place to meet coworkers due to easy parking and huge benches.


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While I agree with the sentiment that spreading foreign-influenced propaganda is a bad thing, I think it's worrying that people are upvoting the suggestion of locking people up for stuff like that. Speech that is distasteful or you disagree with should not automatically be banned and surely not a reason for imprisoning people.


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But the point of taxes is that it all rolls up to a single bucket at the strategic level to be spent on the most high impact projects across the city in a timely fashion. LP might see $0 of that $210K be reinvested for 10 years. Then might be the recipients of a $10M project. Saying tax dollars need to be spent exclusively locally basically ensure the rich get much richer and the poor get driven away.


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Yes, but that can be accomplished at a city-wide level with the existing infrastructure. You don't need valuable land and the city losing tax revenue for your hobby.

Let's assume that 10 townhomes could be built in this space. Let's assume they are $650,000 each. And the people living in them bring in $200,000 per year per unit. All very reasonable assumptions. That's $146,000 per year in real estate taxes and $64,000 per year in income tax. Or $210,000 per year total.

For $210,000 I can hire two people (fully burdened) with the sole task of planting native shrubs. Or I can support your hobby. Not a hard choice.


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First and foremost, let’s keep in mind that community gardens are a hobby. They’re not going to produce enough food to actually sustain families. In practice they’re often not efficiently utilized as well.

I would rather see a more comprehensive strategy for planting things that attract pollinators across the entire city. Why limit it to small plots here and there?

Also, those vacant townhouses that this sub has a hard on for would be much better community gardens. The land is generally not desirable so the city would not be losing out on prospective tax revenue.


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Wait, you mean those semi-regular posts with totally not racist white savior types treating black folks as interesting specimens to subject their children to in school are not indicative of racism? Or the consent decree that was issued in response to the discovery of a systemic, deeply-ingrained racist policing policy? Or the dog whistling on apps like Citizen/Neighbors?

I really question if half of the people on this sub actually leave the house. Seems like the "Reddit reality" is quite often at odds with "actual reality." A great example there is Atlas. On Reddit they are the worst thing ever, worse than Hitler and Putin's love child. In practice the Atlas clientele is often composed of many folks that they allegedly (according to Reddit) discriminate against.