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Whatever you do, don't read the original script. a lot of it was cut out.

Including a scene where Mathilde naked in the bathroom after a shower, Leon walks in and hands her a towel.

Another scene were Mathilde seduces Leon and he's not able to say no and they have sex.

There is also an "International Cut" of the movie where their relationship is fleshed out more.


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No, what i was trying to say is i still appreciate good art.

For eg: My childhood was Harry Potter. Now we all know what the writer is doing and saying. This doesn't retroactively make Harry Potter bad or my enjoyment of it growing up.


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He got info that his wifes killer was on the train is a very quick scene he gets handed a note. The Wolf, who recognizes Ladybug from his wedding, where his wife was killed. The Wolf mistakenly believes Ladybug to be one of her killers instead of The Hornet


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