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Is it gonna just rain? Or will we get anything? I feel Like it’ll be just rain.


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I don’t know why this is getting downvoted. If the gym is a hobby, like minded people will be there. Like I met a great guy at CrossFit. I would not suggest joining just for dating. Any place one has to use good judgement and discretion when approaching another person for the purpose of communicating and maybe dating….. MeetUp is an option. There are groups for all kinds of different interests and hobbies. Maybe even a cooking class or art class….. Host a party and have friends bring food/drinks and a single friend or two.


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It’s something that was mentioned in training. It was an idea for the new year. I don’t have more details. However, I can talk to her, or you could call PPY and ask what classes would be appropriate. Maybe some interest would get gears moving forward….


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I am in the teacher training program at Providence Power Yoga. I can highly recommend this studio. JoEllen is the owner, and talked about a 6 ish week beginners series. Otherwise there are definitely some classes there with amazing teachers who can help!!! You can PM if you’d like to chat. 🙏