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Hello, i respectively disagree. I would be happy to help any other community protect an asset that is important to them as well. I think green space preservation across the city is important.

I do not think this should only apply to my neighborhood! However, i do feel i’m properly situated to advocate for my own neighborhood, as I live there


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Hi, I have no anger towards under armour! They have been a great community partner. There is no more green space in Locust Point, literally every corner is developed.

We were recently scouting new locations for community gardens and unless someone is willing to buy and destroy a building / parking area for us, there are no other spaces!

UA is a massive company with lots of money and this would be a tax donation. They are from the city of Baltimore, and have been in Locust Point for years, and contributing to their green space would be a lovely way to end that partnership.

There are tax benefits to donating the space; also Port Covington is literally adjacent to Locust Point and there is talk between the communities about joint projects / building better access to one another. Under Armour is still a Baltimore business and the hope is this petition demonstrates how much of our community (and their clientele) value this truly unique space!

No animosity towards UA. If they say no I will be bummed but understanding. We have to at least ask.