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I like this one. I do this regularly. Sometimes the obstacles stay obstacles and I have to actively work on them. Sometimes a good, careful, honest look melts them away like dawn melts away the night because they wheren't really obstacles I just hadn't seen them clearly yet.

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Thank you. I'm working hard to build the skills that will let me create better and better things, and it's nice to get a reminder of why I'm putting in that work rather than just, like, binge-watching videos. Watching videos does have it's place of course, I'm just too busy lately for much binge-watching.


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Good thoughts, thanks for sharing them!

I'm glad you're doing what you love and are working to be not just happy in your pursuit but also healthy. You may not consider yourself a great writer (though you may someday) but you are getting great at *being* a writer and a human being.


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Yes! Some things need a plan even if it takes a while, and some things just need to get started. The real trick has always been knowing which to do when.

I agree about breaking habits - habits are such tenacious things that it's often best to just start while knowing you're probably going to have to try dozens of things before your behaviors really changes.