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Air Fry chicken wings for 12 minutes each side.

While frying, mix lemon pepper season, garlic powder, onion powder, and cracked pepper(if you prefer heavy pepper flavor) into a bowl.

Melt 1/3-1/2 stick of butter and a couple of drops of lemon extract together. Seriously, use a pipette if you don’t have a steady hand, it is POTENT. Lemon juice could work but the acid may change the consistency of the butter.

Toss the rub onto the wings generously until coated. Add the lemon butter and toss again.

Serve and enjoy!


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Mixed lemon pepper seasoning, fresh ground peppercorn medley, onion powder, and garlic powder.

But it didn’t stick as well as I’d liked from how dry the skin got in the air fryer.

So I melted 1/3 stick of butter with a couple drops of lemon extract and tossed it all together.


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I work for a beer distributor and we sell the malt beverage with whiskey flavored ones.

That version is non distilled and made by a malting process that mimics the flavor but is not distilled at any point during the process so it can be sold in grocery stores and gas stations for states that not allow wine and liquor to be sold outside of liquor stores.

We are also no allowed to sell the malt ones to liquor stores. They’re only allowed to sell cider, wine and liquor in liquor stores here.

Also, because of the process, they are required to charge a deposit on the bottle, whereas the distilled ones don’t. At least in NYS.

This seems like they were selling the malt process ones next to the distilled one and someone tested them.

They’re also different ABV. The malt ones are 15(?)% and the distilled ones are 33% so there is also a clear difference on the label for that as well.

I’m not sure how these are sold in other states but in NY, they’re distinct products sold in different locations and the labels spell out what they are.


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I would have thought that before Game Pass became so profitable. Xbox will have a Series S type console available even if Sonys gaming division somehow went under to reach the market of people who just want to plug and play games for cheap.

I hope we never get to that point. Sony and Microsoft make each other better by competition


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Edit: I regret not taking an after pick when I submerged this in the rest of broth that is visible under the carrots

I did make a broth but I went light for the picture. You can see a bit of it by the carrots.

The first egg I made had some issues peeling and slicing so I had to remake another and wait for the steak to rest.

The noodles ended up sitting longer than I expected and absorbed some.


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It’s there. You can see some by the carrots. I went light for the picture.

I think some of the broth got absorbed by the noodles when I made another egg and I didn’t add more until I ate it. The bottom one is messed up because I dropped both halves after slicing. The other half was even worse.


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You can see the broth a little bit by the carrots. Granted, I went light for the photo op haha.

I added more after the picture.

I think the broth I added got absorbed by the noodles while I waited to remake an egg. I dropped the other half of the bottom of and it sat for a few minutes while I re-boiled water, made it, and cooled it.


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Can’t forget the error in the bottom of the 8th inning by Trent Grisham that allowed them to even get out of the Wild Card game. Milwaukee was up by 2 and the play allowed 3 to score. And sucked the life out of the Brewers.


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Edit to add: Harper was so good as a prospect that he dropped out of high school and got a GED so he could go to Community College as a 16 year old. The competition in the state of Nevada high school wasn’t good enough and they wanted to show scouts that he was that good. Baseball players usually go drafted out of high school but his path was unheard of. He’s lived up to the hype other than his lack of a deep playoff run.

And the hurt he must have felt when Washington won in 2019.

Despite all the happiness he felt and expressed for his former teammates, you know it had to hurt that they won the year he left after coming up short of expectations a few times.